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Explorer Spring 2015

Greetings Fellow SSE Members:

In a little over a month we’ll be meeting in Washington DC for our 34th annual conference! Inside you’ll find the Explorer packed with information about the invited speakers, the venue, and basically everything else you’ll need to plan to attend. Garret Moddel, Patrick Huyghe, and I are putting the final touches on the program. Nuzi Haneef is tying up all the loose ends of hosting the venue and ensuring that you’ll have a first rate experience in DC.

There will be some new sessions at the conference. We will be having our first ever “Founders Lecture,” given by Bob Jahn. This is not to be missed!

On Thursday night there will be a session for new members, defined as coming to the conference for the first or second time. New members will be invited to briefly speak about the areas of anomalies that they’re interested in, and the kinds of research that they either do or hope to do. At this session, hosted by Nuzi, we are looking to network the more SSE “seasoned” among us with our new colleagues.

For only the second time, and hopefully creating a new SSE tradition, we will have another post conference research workshop. This year our own Councilor Dominique Surel will be teaching a day devoted to carrying out research in Controlled Remote Viewing. There is a separate sign up for this event, with a discount for SSE members. If you have ever been inclined to get into the details of research in this field, or wanted to carry out research yourself, this is for you.

We will also be acknowledging a number of significant transitions that have occurred this year. As you know from a previous Explorer, Bob Jahn has stepped down from his long standing position as Vice-President. Former President Garret Moddel agreed to fill Bob’s term, and was just re-elected to that position. Brenda Dunne has stepped down from her position as Education Officer, and former Councilor Chantal Toporow is currently serving out the rest of Brenda’s term. Anyone who has been involved with the SSE for any length of time knows that there is simply no way to easily or adequately summarize Brenda’s contribution to the SSE.

Roger Nelson is retiring from the Council after three terms of stellar service. I am sure that we’ll find a way to use his many talents in other capacities. Anders Rydberg is serving as European Coordinator, taking the position previously
held by Erik Schultes. Anders and Chantal are busy working on coordinating our next European Conference. And finally, Carl Medwedeff has taken on long standing Associate Member representative Dave Leiter’s spot. We all need to publicly thank those who have served the SSE long and well!

Congratulations are in order for those re-elected and newly elected to the Council. As previously noted, Garret Moddel was re-elected as VP. York Dobyns was re-elected as Treasurer, and Dominique Surel and Marsha Adams were
re-elected to the Council. Newly elected Neil Grossman will officially begin serving on the Council at the conclusion of this conference. Congratulations to all! Inside the Explorer we have left the statements from all of the candidates who ran so that the entire membership can see the caliber of those willing to serve. We thank all who ran in the last election, and encourage others to get involved!

The SSE is alive and thriving! May I suggest that you bring a friend to the Conference?

I’ll see you in DC,

Bill Bengston, President, SSE

[email protected]