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Explorer Winter 2015

Greetings Fellow SSE Members:

It seems like we just left the San Francisco conference, and here we are getting ready for our upcoming get together in Washington, D.C.! Inside this newsletter you’ll find our initial announcements about the conference, including the theme and call for papers. You’ll see that we will be trying some changes this year, from the way we select our invited speakers to a new biennial lecture series which will alternate with our already existing Dinsdale Award talk.

Instead of inviting specific individuals to give a talk, we are going to extend invitations to a selection of organizations to present to us their current research efforts. Among our goals will be to network, or to use the conference theme, “make connections,” with like-minded researchers from other organizations. We’ll be updating the list of speakers on the website and in future email blasts.

We’re also inaugurating a new “Founders Lecture” which will open the conference. The SSE was founded by an eminent group of scientists and researchers with the courage and fortitude to begin to develop a mechanism for what was then the radical notion that there could be a serious and open exchange of ideas about scientific anomalies. Our meetings, journals, and such have all grown out of their vision, and the selected individuals who will give this biennial lecture are intended to be those whose life and work exemplifies this pioneering spirit of the SSE. And, I’m happy to announce, the first Founders Lecture will be given by Robert Jahn, one of the principal co-founders of the SSE (along with our first president, Peter Sturrock), and longest-serving member on the Council. Bob’s life’s work on anomalies is nothing short of legendary, and his contributions to the SSE have been extraordinary, to say the very least.

Our second post-conference research-based workshop will be given by Councilor Dominique Surel. The theme for this year’s workshop will be researching remote viewing and associative remote viewing. SSE members have already had the opportunity to become quite familiar with the literature on remote viewing; this is the chance to sharpen your skills and join in the research!

Inside this Newsletter you’ll also see an announcement that Anders Rydberg has accepted the position of SSE European Coordinator. We’re hoping to expand our presence in Europe, and Anders will be looking for individual representatives from European countries who will form in effect an advisory council to make recommendations and coordinate meetings and activities.

And, and, and. . . you can see that the SSE is alive and kicking! Please consider encouraging a friend or colleague to become a member and join in the excitement. You can even get a reduction in your membership fees by bringing in new members. A win-win if there ever was one. Finally, please consider joining the list of those who have generously contributed to our organization.

I’ll see you in DC,

Bill Bengston, President, SSE

[email protected]