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Explorer Spring 2015

Greetings Fellow SSE Members:

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is almost upon us, and we’re already going great guns in preparation for our upcoming joint conference with the Parapsychological Association! As you’ll see inside this newsletter, we’re back in beautiful Boulder at the newly renovated Millennium Hotel this upcoming June, with SSE Councilor Dominique Surel serving once again as the local host.

Our own Roger Nelson, newly retired from the SSE Council, is leading the effort as Executive Program Chair in the coordination of our two societies. Chantal Toporow, already serving us in the capacity of SSE Education officer, has also taken on the role of co-chair of the program, along with her counterpart from the PA, Renaud Evrard. Inside you’ll see their call for conference papers and posters.

Many in the SSE are already familiar with the Parapsychological Association (, as the two societies oftentimes overlap in their interests. This conference, however, will be the first time that we have “formally” come together, and I can guarantee you that it will be an event that you won’t want to miss! The joint theme, Accessing the Exceptional, Experiencing the Extraordinary, will play to themes common to both organizations.

This joint conference is still in the formative stage, and many more new and exciting possibilities are emerging. For example, we’re likely to hold a new “science court” around a chosen topic, yet to be determined. SSE vice-president Garret Moddel is heading up that effort.

So you get the idea. This conference will contain many of the features that SSE members have expected over the years, such as the Dinsdale Award Lecture. At the same time there will be new events and lectures, poster sessions, and and and... This will also be an opportunity for SSE members to not only network with each other, but to make new friends and contacts inside the PA.

You will also see that Chantal Toporow and Anders Rydberg, our European Coordinator, are recruiting SSE representatives from countries around the world. And, they are planning the European conference for Stockholm in October. More on this in our next issue.

And so you can see that the SSE is alive and thriving! I’d like to take this opportunity to suggest that you consider sharing this newsletter with someone who is not already familiar with us. And consider, in this holiday season, giving the gift of an SSE membership to someone who is not now a member. I can speak from experience that there are many, many people out there, scientists and lay people alike, who have been frustrated with the strictures of orthodox thinking and that could benefit from membership. Let’s invite them in!

For now, and on behalf of the entire SSE Council, let me wish you a happy, healthy, and joyous holiday season!

Bill Bengston, President, SSE

[email protected]