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Water Memory: Carrier of Conscious Intention
Apr 16, 2009 at 1:32 AM EST | G. Rein


Glen Rein


The ability of water to store information has been postulated to parallel quantum information storage in contemporary quantum computers (Ahn, 2000). In addition to chemical information storage utilized in homeopathy (Thomas, 2007), EM fields can also be imprinted into water (Rein, 1992; Smith, 2004). EM information storage has been used as a mechanism to explain how EM fields influence biological systems, since direct experimental data indicates EM treated water can produce biological effects weeks long after the source has been removed (Fesenko, 1995).

Similar experiments are reported here using a healing-arts practitioner as the source of bio-energy. Human lymphocytes were used as the biological target in these experiments. Lymphocytes were partially purified from freshly drawn human blood obtained from a local blood bank. Lymphocytes were fed with commercial tissue culture medium and maintained in a typical CO2 incubator. Lymphocyte proliferation was measured 24hr after incubating cultures with radio-labeled thymidine (which is incorporated into DNA).

Data presented here demonstrate that Dr. Leonard Laskow could imprint water (in tissue culture medium) with different intentions. Tissue culture medium treated with a stimulating intention produced a marked increase in cell proliferation when added to cultured lymphocytes. A decrease in cell proliferation was observed when the intention was to reduce the number of cells. The magnitude of these effects was between 25 and 40% relatively to untreated controls. Statistical significance was reached at the 0.01 level. The results indicate that specific conscious intentions can produce polarity-specific biological effects and that this information can be stored in water for weeks.


After becoming an Assistant Professor at Mt. Sinai Medical School, Dr. Rein left academia and founded the Quantum Biology Research Lab (Ridgway, CO, USA). His research has since focused on characterizing non-classical forms of electromagnetic energy by virtue of their effects on biological systems and water.


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