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Consciousness: An Emergent Property Of Mind-Brain Interaction
May 12, 2010 at 4:00 PM EST | J. GUNKELMAN


Jay Gunkelman


A model of consciousness will be illustrated with physiological data from EEG and Event related potentials. Using millisecond level time resolution, a working model of the interaction between the mind and the brain will be constructed. The Slow Cortical Potentials generated by Glial activity and the faster gamma activity reflecting activity of bound neural networks will be used to illustrate this model. The physiological correlates of concepts like intention, attention, memory, perception, awareness, sensory differentiation and conscious awareness will all be discussed within the framework of this model. Advanced concepts like neural network binding, nested rhythms, cross-spectral correlation, and the bispectrum will be discussed. The DC potentials cause an instantaneous phase resetting and binding of a neural network, which can initiate synchronous activity within these neural networks. Current work using this model in clinical work on severe disorders of consciousness, including work by the International Brain Research Foundation on recovery of consciousness in coma cases will be reviewed. The simplest expression of the model: when the DC potentials reflecting activity of the mind interact with gamma activity reflecting neural activity in the brain, the emergent property of this interaction is consciousness.


Jay Gunkelman entered the biofeedback field in 1972, starting the first State Hospital based biofeedback lab. He is a registered EEG technologist, having processed well over 500,000 EEGs, and more recently became a certified QEEG technologist (certificate #1A, 1996), and a QEEG-Diplomate in 2002. He is one of the owners of Q-pro Worldwide, a commercial group that provides EEG/qEEG/EP/ERP recording and analysis, as well as providing clinical services at 12 centers in the USA.Jay has been on various Boards in the field of NF, including AAPB Treasurer, President and past president of the Biofeedback Society of California, as well as being a Past-President, Secretary and Treasurer of ISNR. He is well published in the field's literature, authoring the seminal work on EEG phenotypes in 2005. Jay is a Scientific Advisor with the International Brain Research Foundation.




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