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The Puzzle Of 8 Hertz Resonance: Is It Schumann?
May 12, 2010 at 4:02 PM EST | L. HENDRICKS


Luke Hendricks


An experiment was conducted to explore the EEG patterns of energy healing, measuring both healer and subject. After baseline sessions were taken, the each of three subjects individually received a session of distant healing, then a session of hands on healing with Bill Bengston. The setup was engineered to synchronize the time of the subject and healer datasets to within 2 milliseconds (1/500 second). In the analysis of distant healing sessions, the healer was found to show high amplitudes at about 8 hertz. To explore this relationship further, a method was devised to extract only the highest midrange amplitude bursts, timed in units of 250 milliseconds. Patching these fractions of seconds together, dispersed throughout a 10+ minute session, spectral analysis showed an even stronger relationship between amplitude and frequencies near 8 hertz. Additionally, these amplitude bursts often revealed harmonic frequency peaks from the dominant frequency. This harmonic pattern was especially present in the first of the three distant sessions and data there suggests a sharing of the peak frequency during or following sustained high amplitudes. The unusual harmonics, the sharing of frequency, and the closeness of the healer‘s dominant burst frequency to the Schumann resonant frequency, which also varies near 8 hertz, raises an interesting question: Could this ever-present standing wave be a mechanism for distant healing?


Luke Hendricks is the principal of mMatter LLC, founded to develop and provide alternative healthcare solutions.




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