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Homeopathy: Energetic Mechanism For Information Storage
May 12, 2010 at 4:56 PM EST | G. REIN


Glen Rein


Water exhibits anomalous physico-chemical properties which are unique amoungst liquids. Homeopathy is considered anomalous because remedies use chemical concentrations above Avogadro‘s number and the lack of a theoretical model to explain the ability of water to store information and subsequently release it to influence biological systems and promote healing. Recently DelGiudice and Preparata have pioneered the application of quantum electrodynamics (QED) to explain water memory and information storage. The theory is based on mathematically defining the coherence equations for the quantized matter field in terms of electrostatic, electromagnetic, potential and quantum fields. The theory predicts the formation of localized quantum coherent domains which can store and release electromagnetic information. In further support for this theory, the present study investigated the effects of quantum fields to influence the structure of water. A solenoid coil was built which allowed the flow of two strands of current in either parallel or opposing (cancellation) modes. The input current was adjusted so the total power output was the same in the two modes. A classical EM field would be generated inside the solenoid in the parallel mode. However, in the cancellation mode, force fields and potential fields are all effectively zero along the z-axis inside the solenoid. Water samples placed inside the solenoid were treated for 90 minutes in both modes. Absorbed oxygen was measured with a spectrophotometer at 202-222nm. Water placed in the solenoid in cancellation mode showed a statistically significant decrease in absorption values when compared to parallel mode exposure or no exposure (controls). The results are interpreted to indicate that quantum fields which underlie the EM environment inside a solenoid can modify the structuring of water to reduce oxygen levels. This data supports DelGiuidice‘s theory since artificially generated quantum fields should resonate with quantum domains in water. These observations support the basic tenet of homeopathy- that chemical information can be stored for long periods of time in quantum domains. Nonetheless, despite a sound theory and experimental evidence to support it, homeopathy is still considered anomalous by mainstream science.


Dr. Rein, a former Assistant Professor at Mt Sinai Medical School, is the founder of Quantum Biology Research Lab devoted to understanding the role of non-classical forms of EM, optical and acoustic energy in healing and higher states of consciousness.




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