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Infrasonic Component Of Qigong: Potential For Integration With Oncology
May 12, 2010 at 3:00 PM EST | G. YOUNT


Garret Yount


The development of nontoxic agents that can selectively enhance the cytotoxicity of chemotherapy is an important aim in oncology. This presentation summarizes unpublished findings indicating that an infrasound generator designed to mimic external Qigong treatment can function as a potent chemosensitizer. Human glioblastoma cell lines harboring wild-type p53 or mutant p53 were treated in culture with cisplatin, infrasound emissions or the combination of the two agents and induction of apoptosis was quantified. Infrasound delivered at moderate levels (~80 dB) with dynamic frequency content (7-13 Hz) did not induce significant changes in glioblastoma cell viability or morphology yet combining infrasound with cisplatin augmented the induction of apoptosis by the chemotherapy (p<0.05). Increased cellular uptake of the fluorophore calcein following infrasound exposure was revealed, indicating that increased cell membrane permeability underlies the ability of infrasound to sensitize glioblastoma cells to the cytotoxic effects of cisplatin. Similar to ultrasound and shock-wave techniques, local application of infrasound in clinical settings would combine the enhancement of drug transfer with the capability of restricting this effect to the desired area. Specifically in the case of treating intracranial tumors, infrasound may prove superior to ultrasound as its relatively longer wavelength can penetrate solids more easily (i.e., delivery through the skull bone) as well as being less disruptive to the brain than shock-waves. Thus, localized augmentation of chemotherapy protocols by infrasound may qualify as a promising strategy to ultimately improve the clinical outcome of glioblastoma and perhaps other cancers.


Garret Yount directs a molecular and cellular biology laboratory at the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute in San Francisco, California, focusing primarily on helping people with cancers. His interest in integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western treatments for cancer has led to collaborations with scientists and practitioners from China, Japan, Canada. Recently, he has collaborated with an interdisciplinary team to develop one of the first proposals calling for an international project integrating modern genomics with the perspectives emerging within the neurosciences regarding the mind-body connection. Dr. Yount is also founder of Conscious Genes Inc., a company dedicated to awakening the public to their ability to consciously influence gene expression within the body and promote health.




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