Call for Applications for Editor-in-Chief
The Society for Scientific Exploration is seeking candidates for the Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of the Journal of Scientific Exploration. The JSE is the quarterly, peer-reviewed journal of the SSE. Since 1987, the JSE has published original research on topics of interest that cover a wide spectrum, ranging from apparent anomalies in well-established disciplines to rogue phenomena that seem to belong to no established discipline, as well as philosophical issues about the connections among disciplines. The journal also contains book reviews, letters to the editor, and peer correspondence.

Previous JSE editors have been leaders in anomalistic research in such fields as health and scientific development, zero-point energy, philosophy of psi and mediumship.

The new JSE EiC will have the opportunity to:

  • influence the future of edge science.
  • provide editorial direction of the premier journal for the most forward-thinking scientific research on the planet.
  • have the platform of regular editorials to present ideas about science and its future.
  • guide students and emerging thinkers.

Desired qualifications

  • Be a leading contributor in one or more areas of edge science. While no EiC can have expertise in all the areas covered by the JSE, the EiC should have an acknowledged command and a leading scholarly track record of some area(s) in JSE's purview.
  • Prior experience performing similar duties for JSE or other journals (perhaps as a guest editor for a special issue or other similar experience).
  • Experience as an Associate Editor for JSE or other journal.
  • Previous publication in JSE as an author.
  • Must be collaborative, able to work successfully within team(s), and have the ability to manage and motivate staff. Must demonstrate evidence of good scientific and editorial judgement, and possess excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills.
  • Timeline
    The current EiC will step down at the end of Volume 35 (2021). He is willing to mentor the new EiC during that time prior to the new EiC taking over for Volume 36.

    To apply, submit a copy of your CV along with a letter of interest addressing your qualifications to:

    Mark Urban-Lurain, Ph.D.
    Chair, JSE Search Committee
    Secretary, Society for Scientific Exploration
    [email protected]