The Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) is enormously grateful to the trustees of the estates of Frederic and Mary Pement for their generous donation, which will further the SSE’s continued operations, community outreach, and growth initiatives for years to come.

Dr. Frederic W. Pement (1933-2017) was a long-time member of SSE with a special interest in current cosmology, the "Big Bang", Hubble's Law, the double slit experiment, quantum entanglement, and stress-corrosion cracking. He was born in Chicago and graduated from Forest Park High School in Baltimore, Maryland. He received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston and received his Ph.D. in Physical and Nuclear Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Pement first worked at the U.S. Naval Nuclear program at Bettis, Pennsylvania and later went to work with Westinghouse Electric Corporations, first in their Research and Development Division, then to their Nuclear Energy Systems. His field was alloy selection and testing as well as metallurgical investigation for nuclear power plants.

Fred was a delightful and witty raconteur of jokes, incidents and, especially, of the foibles of his fellow engineers and scientists. The legacy of his enthusiasm and support for SSE’s mission will continue with this bequest.

If you too would like assure the SSE’s longevity and vitality as a professional forum, consider following Dr. Pement’s example in making a bequest. This pdf of sample bequest language provides a suggested format for such a gift. With small changes to fit your personal needs, it will provide a way for you to help ensure that the Society for Scientific Exploration continues for many years to come.