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Doug Knueven (Doug Knueven)
Resonant bonding to a group

I recently read a blog that was talking about particle entanglement and then said this:

"Researchers have observed this in living cells, communicating over far distances. In one famous experiment, researchers grew algae cells in a petri dish. They then separated these cells into two halves, taking one half to another laboratory.

What they found was that no matter how much they separated the two dishes, a low-voltage current applied on one dish would always affect the cells in the other dish in the exact same way at the exact same moment."

Of course there was no reference noted. Is anyone aware of this study and its reference?

Doug Knueven

Jack Sarfatti (Jack Sarfatti) Jack Sarfatti (Jack Sarfatti)'s picture
Here is the physics for this phenomenon

This is a violation of QM no-signaling, but it is consistent with PQM entanglement signaling from wave action <—> particle reaction in Rod Sutherland’s post-Bohmian Lagrangian reformulation as explained here

https://vimeo.com/260265980 Sarfatti March 8, 2018 American Physical Society Los Angeles
https://www.academia.edu/36064226/The_Meaning_of_Quantum_Mechanics_V5_up... slides

https://vimeo.com/171013596. Sarfatti June 16, 2016 American Association Advancement Science University of San Diego
https://www.academia.edu/s/6b963a9dd3/post-quantum-bohm-pilot-wave-theory slides

https://vimeo.com/171178181. Sutherland June 16, 2016 American Association Advancement Science University of San Diego