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Volume 9, Number 1 (1995)

Research Articles

Conference Review

  • Review of the 1994 Parapsychological Association Conference

Anomaly Notes - Topher Cooper

Letters to the Editor

  • On p-Values and Chance - William H. Jefferys
  • Response to Jefferys - York H. Dohyns
  • A Psychic Can Cheat: So What? - S. Savva
  • Reply to Savva - Dean I. Radin
  • Comments by Volkamer on Referee's Report - Klaus Volkamer
  • Reply to Volkamer - Michael S. Epstein, J. Himes

Book Reviews

  • Brain, Mind, and Medicine: Charles Richet and the Origins of Physiological Psychology by Stewart Wolf - Alan Gauld
  • Cultivating Consciousness: Enhancing Human Potential, Wellness, and Healing, edited by K. Rao - Arthur Hustings
  • Shadow Matter and Psychic Phenomena by Gerhard Wasserman - Ian Stevenson
  • Understanding the Present: Science and the Soul of Modern Man by Bryan Appleyard - Carl Hester
  • Abduction: Human Encounters With Aliens by John Mack - James Wilson
  • Prometheus Bound: Science in a Dynamic Steady State by John Ziman - Henry Bauer


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