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Published: Jun.7.2014

Chasing the Mysteries of Precognition and Synchronicity

Dale E. Graff, MS Physics

I examine the mysteries of precognition and synchronicity primarily from an experiential perspective. They can be considered mysterious since there is no conventional explanation for them but are not mysteries from a natural occurrence point-of-view. Some individuals experience them frequently. Statistical evidence of a general class of effects referred to as psi phenomenon supports their validity.

I review recent spontaneous occurrences of precognition of emerging future incidents; and synchronistic experiences that seem random but have unique significance. These experiences were intuitions and dreams for practical and important situations. Two of them were life threatening. The circumstances related to them provide insight into the underlying principles involved. They also provide evidence for how, at a subconscious level, we can interact with others and potentially the physical universe. Illustrations of psi/precognitive experiments explore the differences between the spontaneous events and the controlled experiments.

The controlled experiments were for psi/precognition projects developed, monitored and evaluated by colleagues. The precognitive experiments had psi targets selected randomly three days in the future from the time of the recorded perceptions. Several of the psi dreams were lucid; i.e., becoming aware or conscious of being in a dream.
I conclude by examining the potential role of precognition and synchronicity for safety, helping others and for personal assistance. The psi/precognitive projects provide insight on the role of goal focus and objective repetition for achieving accuracy. I suggest that precognition and synchronicity result from the same phenomenon, and that precognition may be the primary mode of psi perception. Information may be perceived precognitively but remain subconscious, manifesting through impulses to action and by orchestrating synchronicities. Frequently reviewing previous personal psi/precognitive and synchronistic experiences maintains an ever-ready attitude and facilitates the natural occurrence of this seemingly mysterious phenomenon. I suggest concepts for how this phenomenon occurs.

Bio: Dale E. Graff is a researcher, writer, and speaker internationally known for his insights into the processes of the mind. He was a director of STARGATE, the government’s program for research and applications of remote viewing¾an aspect of extrasensory perception (ESP). He coined the name STARGATE to symbolize an innovative effort of exploration that expanded the range of human potential. He began formal research into psychic or psi phenomenon in the early 1970s and is one of the country’s experts in psi phenomena. He is recognized for his understanding of our natural psi talents as being a spectrum available while awake, Conscious State Psi, (CSP) and while asleep and dreaming, Dream State Psi (DSP). His books, Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness and RIVER DREAMS have brought him international recognition as he describes his personal evolution from scientific doubter¾degrees in aeronautical engineering and physics¾to that of accepting the reality of psi abilities. His books have been praised for their honesty and for the way he presents psychic experiences in a neutral perspective, free of dogma and belief systems. He has appeared on several national and international TV programs, including Good Morning America, Larry King Live, The Crier Report, CNN Sunday Morning News, and several documentaries for the A & E and History Channel. In 2013, he participated in the ABC 20/20 TV production on Precognition and was part of a series on The Paranormal, produced by the National Geographic Channel. He facilitates seminars and workshops, performs psi investigations and publishing articles. Web Site: www.dalegraff.com