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Published: Jun.11.2011

Dark Matter, Torsion and ESP Reception

Claude Swanson

Many years of ESP and Remote Viewing experiments were analyzed by Spottiswood (Spottiswood, 1997) to determine if any astronomical, geological or meteorological phenomena might affect the accuracy of psychic reception. The largest correlation was found with sidereal time. Psychic reception was most accurate in a time window centered around 13.5 hours sidereal. This corresponds to the time when the constellation Virgo is overhead. During this period psychic reception is about 4 times more accurate than during any other time of day.

A possible explanation for this effect can be found by combining three insights from astronomy and Russian torsion research. They are as follows:

1. “Left handed” torsion increases ESP abilities. This was asserted by Kozyrev in an interview in the 1970 book, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain (Ostrander, 1970), and has been confirmed in later papers and by magnetic healing pioneers Davis and Rawls in experiments (Davis, 1975).

2. In torsion experiments conducted by Kozyrev and independently confirmed by Lavrentiev, “left handed” torsion produces a “gravitation-like” effect. This implies that regions of space exhibiting anomalously strong gravity can be explained if they are charged with “left handed” torsion.

3. The region of sky which is overhead at 13.5 hours sidereal is known as the “Great Attractor” because it is a region of anomalously strong gravity (dark matter).
The logical conclusion of these insights is that the “Great Attractor” which is overhead at 13.5 hours sidereal may be charged with “left hand” torsion, which is responsible for the high gravitational attraction, and this form of torsion has also been shown to cause an increase in ESP reception abilities. The supporting evidence behind each of these three claims will be discussed at greater length in the talk.

The larger issue implied by these observations is that “dark matter” and “dark energy,” which have puzzled the physics community, can be explained if torsion, as defined by Russian scientists, is included. Torsion occurs in two forms, left handed and right handed. The former appears to increase the attraction of masses and behaves as though it increases gravity, while right handed torsion appears to have the opposite effect. Therefore it may be possible to account for the puzzling observations regarding dark matter and dark energy if these two forms of torsion are considered.

While virtually unknown among Western scientists, torsion has been studied and verified over a forty year period in Russia, and has given rise to inventions, technologies and patents. The application of torsion to the sidereal time peak, as well as to the “dark matter” and “dark energy” puzzles, are but a few of many anomalies which this force may be able to explain. www.SynchronizedUniverse.com, Author of Life Force, the Scientific Basis and The Synchronized Universe.

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