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Published: Jun.5.2014

Effect of Subtle Energy Patterns on Gene Regulation of Human Dermal Fibroblasts

Jeremy Lins (1), John McMichael (1) , Yury Kronn (2)

The aim of this study was to test if subtle energy infused-PBS causes alterations in gene expression. In-vitro studies were conducted at Beech Tree Labs using human dermal fibroblasts (HDF) to examine the influences of various subtle energy patterns, manufactured by Vital Force Technology, on gene regulation.

The first experiment was to see if the subtle energy of Pain or Anti-inflammation formula could regulate the genes associated with pain. HDF cells were treated with PBS infused with the formulas for 24 hours. Total mRNA from the cells was extracted for qPCR array analysis. Human Pain qPCR array was used to screen 84 genes associated with pathology of pain. The results show that gene regulation was modest with Tachykinin receptor 1 showing -2.14 folds down-regulation. A second experiment was to test the subtle energy of anti-aging formula. HDF cells were treated with Vital Force Technology formulation AALF and AA Ultimate individually, an anti-aging formula produced by Beech Tree Labs (M2) alone, and M2 and Swiss cell formula in combination. The results show that subtle energy can enhance the gene expression when used in conjunction with the Beech Tree Formula (M2). Multiple genes associated with aging were up or down regulated when M2 formula was used in combination with Swiss Cell, a subtle energy infused PBS formula. Future studies are underway to document the role of each component in gene regulation. We believe that this is the first objective data demonstrating the effect of subtle energy at the gene level.

1. Beech Tree Labs, 117 Chapman St., Providence, RI 02905
2. Energy Tools International, PO 981, Eagle Point, OR 97524