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Published: Jun.11.2011

Energy Medicine University: Education at the Frontier of Science

Francesca McCartney

Our current academic paradigm is based on archaic concepts and measurement instruments. The world has altered radically in the last 20 years with continued exponential shifts. Our interactions are now affected by global forces and unprecedented events. The structure of education needs to evolve along with the world changes. There is a paramount need for educational institutions that honor the interconnectedness of global communications, diversity of cultures, are progressive, and include ancient and new knowledge grounded in science and wisdom. These schools will teach individuals how to think differently to manage 21st Century issues and future events. They will incorporate disciplines that up to now have been deemed alternative or peripheral.

Bio: Francesca McCartney holds a dual PhD in Energy Medicine and Intuition MedicineĀ®. Since 1976, Francesca has worked full time as a holistic health educator, medical intuitive in an integrative medicine clinic, meditation instructor, and author. In 1984, she founded the Academy of Intuition Medicine, the first California State licensed vocational program in the field of energy medicine; and in 2006 established the State approved Energy Medicine University offering Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Integrative Holistic Health.