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Published: Jun.11.2011

Experiments on the Effects of Subtle Energy on the Electro- Magnetic Field: Is Subtle Energy the 5th Force of the Universe?

The discovery of changes in the radioactive decay rate (RDR) as a result of solar activity raises a fundamental question: what kind of unknown energy field is the cause of this phenomenon? A hint about the answer to this question can be found in experiments which report changes in RDR under the influence of Subtle Energy/Chi transmitted by a human being.

These experiments demonstrate that the force of SE/Chi can alter the action of one of the four fundamental forces of the Universe, the “Weak Force” (WF). According to the Electro-Weak theory, the WF and Electromagnetic Force have the same roots. This raises another fundamental question: Is it possible that SE can also alter the EM field?
The experiments presented in our report demonstrate that the energy of the EM field present in the area surrounding a small disk of man-made quartz was diminished by more than 34% when the quartz disk was “infused” with a specific SE pattern generated by Vital Force Technology. Conclusion: Subtle Energy is one of the fundamental forces of the Universe and can affect the action of the whole Electro-Weak Force.

This result calls for more experiments to attempt to change the RDR using various technologically generated Subtle Energy patterns. The fact that only certain patterns of SE affect the EM field indicates that the action of SE greatly depends on the information encoded in a particular energy pattern. This phenomenon was also observed in our experiments reported in Society for Scientific Exploration – 27th Annual Meeting, 2008.

Joie Jones, PhD - Joie Jones received the BA and MA degrees from the University of Texas at Austin (1963 & 1965) and the PhD degree in physics from Brown University (1970). Since 1977, he has been Professor of Radiological Sciences at the University of California Irvine. His list of publications contains over 400 items, including 4 books and 50 patents. Dr. Jones has a wide range of professional interests. In recent years, Dr. Jones has become interested in the critical evaluation of both diagnostic and therapeutic medicine modalities, particularly in the areas of complementary and alternative medicine and subtle energy medicine. His landmark studies of acupuncture using contemporary medical imaging and of Pranic Healing using conventional laboratory methods are providing a scientific understanding and basis for these ancient healing methods. Dr. Jones also serves or has served as a consultant to a number of private corporations and government agencies, including the United Nations, the Carter and Obama Administrations.

Bios: Yury Kronn, PhD - Yury Kronn is a researcher, theoretician and inventor in the field of subtle energy and subtle energy technologies. He was educated as a quantum radiophysicist in the former Soviet Union, at Gorky University and the Lebedev Institute of Physics and continued his education with extensive research into the ancient sciences and Eastern Medical Traditions. After coming to the U.S. in 1988, Dr. Kronn invented Vital Force Technology, a “quantum field” technology comprised of a tunable-plasma-based generator that can produce and formulate subtle energy patterns, a storage system, and an infusing system that can imprint these subtle energy patterns into almost any substance. His list of publications includes 1 book, over 80 articles, 4 patents in Russia and 1 in the US.