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Published: Jun.7.2014

Report of Firsthand Anomalous Experiences on Three Continents

John B. Alexander, Ph.D.
SSE Full Member

This presentation covers direct observations of anomalous experiences made in the past year in Asia, Africa, and South America. Included is video evidence of events that appear to be impossible by the common understanding of human physiology. Of note is the direct exposure to flames without inflicting pain or physical damage to the skin of participants. The videos have been examined by both scientists and a master magician and acknowledged as real and unexplainable events. Nothing like them has appeared on the Internet. These video clips were taken by me in Togo and Benin in West Africa and cover Voodoo ceremonies rarely observed by Westerners.

Also documented are encounters with indigenous shamans in Mongolia and our adventures with the reindeer people who are nomads dwelling in the northernmost reaches near the Russian border. There grazing area is so remote that it can only be accessed by horseback (or helicopter) and they live in isolation for the majority of the year. Though not under controlled conditions, events occurred that seem to defy our understanding. Detailed description of the environment surrounding the mysterious events will be provided including video clips of some of the ceremonies. This includes information about the shaman’s selection, training and belief system for interacting with the spirit world.

Finally there is the experience with a Brazilian spiritual healer called John of God. Since we first visited him he has acquired more international notoriety. Located in Abadiânia in the central plains, among his most acclaimed feats was the apparent experience of the famous motivational speaker, Wayne Dyer who claims instant remission from diagnosed leukemia via remote psychic surgery. Reported will be the direct observation of various surgical procedures and the cross-cultural differences that seem to facilitate these anomalous events.