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Tags: NDE
Published: May.30.2015

Similarity of Rich NDEs with Between-Lives Regression Accounts
Douglas Kinney, Author of Frontiers of Knowledge

Rich near-death experiences are characterized by a number of experiences in a nonphysical spiritual realm. For research purposes, NDEs are often summarized by the number and depth the experiencer has of a semi-standardized set of elements — primarily created for the pleasant and/or heaven-like NDE. These experiences include the first two events normally found in any NDE: the out-of-body experience and heightened senses. For a richer and deeper NDE, the experience includes the element of “moving rapidly away from earth toward a nonphysical realm” and additional experiences the NDEr has along the way to and in this realm. A very rich NDE can include encountering a mystical or brilliant light, encountering mystical beings or deceased relatives or friends, and spirituality enlightening experiences. All of the same experiences (and a few more) typically occur in the deep experiences that a subject has in a between-lives regression.

I will brie y introduce this regression process, present an overview of its development, and summarize the major discoveries it has made of the nonphysical, spiritual realm and its inhabitants — souls. To highlight its similarities, I will show, using an expanded set of NDE elements, that almost all of the experiences present in rich NDEs and a typical between-lives regression are the same or similar. Also, the descriptions NDErs give of the energetic appearance of deceased relatives and beings in this realm are the same as what between-lives regression subjects provide.

Information from the two experiences reinforce the validity of each’s discoveries and descriptions of a nonphysical realm, the beings that inhabit it, and their connection to us, and the role they play in our human lives, including the phenomena of reincarnation. Together, they provide a knowledge breakthrough in understanding our spiritual heritage — which is the basis of our existence and the source of our human consciousness.

Douglas Kinney is the author of Frontiers of Knowledge: Scientific and Spiritual Sources for a New Era — the story of unfolding scientific, consciousness, and spiritual developments that are revolutionizing our understanding of our universe and ourselves. His background covers both science and spirituality. He has a B.S. in aerospace engineering, an M.S. in management science, and advanced studies in operations research. Most of his professional career has been as a system engineering architect on large engineering programs in the Defense Department and large defense contractors. He is also a New Thought minister and practitioner, a certified spiritual hypnotist for past- and between- lives regression, a spiritual journalist, and has personal relationships with several spiritual channels. He has studied Spiral Dynamics (the evolution of societies) with Dr. Don Beck and the nature of the human personality with Mike Jay, a master personal coach. His main talent is the ability to see patterns and develop an integrated story for science, consciousness, and spirituality. He holds memberships in several organizations exploring the interfaces among science, consciousness, spirituality, and the evolution of humanity: the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), the Institute for Noetic Science (IONS), the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE), the National Association. of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH), and the World Future Society. Keep up with his work at www.douglaskinney.com.