2017 SSE Conference


The 36th annual SSE Conference will take place June 14-17, 2017 at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut (information on registration and lodging will be posted the week of February 13).


The theme for this year will be Expanding the Boundaries of Science.

Those of us interested in the rigorous study of scientific anomalies have been stymied by the strictures and assumptions of the dominant materialistic scientific paradigm. And so at least two questions challenge us: what parts of the scientific enterprise need reformulation; and the more difficult problem, how might we need to think differently about the way the world works?

Program Highlights

  • Our 2nd bi-annual Founders Lecture
  • Special thematic sessions on Near Death Experiences/Survival; Healing; Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation
  • An informational talk on the Institute for Venture Science’s opportunities for funding
  • Panel discussions (in progress)
  • A Post-Conference Research Workshop on Anomalies of Foucault’s Pendulum and Other Similar Devices

Invited speakers to date (titles and details of talks will follow soon)

Founders Lecture

Brenda Dunne – PEAR; ICRL

Near Death Experiences/Survival

Jeffrey Long – Near Death Experience Research Foundation

Ed Kelly – University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies


Jim Oschman – author of “Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis”

Rick Leskowicz – Harvard Medical School

Bill Bengston – President, SSE

Biological Effects of EMF

Martin Blank – Columbia University

Martin Pall – University of Washington


Jerry Pollack – University of Washington; Institute for Venture Science

Post Conference Workshop

Rene Verreault - “Anomalies of Foucault’s Pendulum and Similar Devices”

There will be many exciting features of this conference discussed in future announcements.

Call for Papers

Full members who are interested in presenting a talk at the conference can send an abstract and bio to Bill Bengston, at [email protected]. Associate members must have their presentation sponsored by a full member. Please limit your abstract and bio to about 300 words, using Ariel font size 11. No submission should be longer than 1 page. The deadline for submission is April 15th.

 Some authors may prefer to present their work as a poster presentation. Poster presentations provide an interactive one-on-one discussion of work completed. A short synopsis of the motivation, methodology, outcomes, and conclusions should be included on the poster, with emphasis placed on the outcomes of work completed. For posters, an abstract should be prepared and submitted in accordance with the paper submission process and indicate the preference for a poster presentation. Titles and abstracts for contributed papers should be emailed to the Poster Program Chair: Chantal Toporow ([email protected]). Electronic submission is required. The Title should be short and informative. Please include Author name and Affiliation, and contact information. Abstracts should be 300 to 500 words (one page of single spaced text), and should summarize the main points of the poster presentation. Plain text as the body of the e-mail is preferred. If special formatting is required for intelligibility, please submit a Word document. Note that student submissions must be sponsored by Full members. (Full members do not require sponsorship.) The conference committee intends to partner meritorious poster submitters with SSE full members in similar research fields. If accepted, the poster board shall measure 1m width and 2m height. We do NOT provide the poster boards. We advise to print the posters beforehand and bring them with you and we will supply tape to mount your posters. The cut off date for abstract submissions for the posters is April 15, 2017. Authors will be notified of the review result (i.e., acceptance or rejection) and any applicable comments, by May 1st, 2017.

FOR STUDENTS: The SSE has established an Aspiring Explorers Prize for the student research project judged to be the most original and well-executed submission. A committee has been established to review all entries and determine the winner, who will receive an award of $500 and have the opportunity to present a talk describing the project at next year's annual meeting, for which the Society will cover the student's registration fee. If your paper is selected for the Aspiring Explorer Award, you will be invited to present your talk at the meeting, otherwise, you will be able to submit your paper as a poster session. Please let your fellow student colleagues and professors know. In addition, the SSE is also be offering a 50% discount on future meeting registrations for any student member who brings one other student friend to our conferences. We are eager to see student clubs or SSE discussion groups established at various academic institutions or in local communities. Feel free to contact us to start your own group at [email protected] (C.M. Chantal Toporow, Ph.D., SSE Education Officer).

On behalf of the program committee (Bill Bengston, Marsha Adams, Neal Grossman, Patrick Huyghe, Garret Moddel, Dominique Surel, Chantal Toporow) and the local hosts (James Clement Van Pelt, Margaret Nies), we look forward to seeing you at this exciting event!