The theme for the 38th annual meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration will be Consilience*: Developing the Foundations of a New Scientific Paradigm.

*Consilience refers to the principle that evidence from unrelated sources, especially science and the humanities, can converge and produce unified conclusions.

The conference will take place June 5-8, 2019 at the Omni Interlocken Hotel in Broomfield, Colorado. The conference will bring together researchers and leading thinkers from both academia and the business community interested in investigating how findings from edge science can advance us towards a new paradigm for science and a deeper understanding of the foundations of reality.

Previous SSE conferences have focused on scientific research into anomalies and highlighting the flaws of conventional models. This conference on consilience will seek to find common themes and articulate the constructive principles for a new scientific paradigm that can link together research across anomalies, leading to the next generation of productive experiments, theories, and practical applications.

Among the topics contributing to this consilience:
Nonlocality across space and time (e.g., action at a distance; resonant bonding, retrocausation, precognition)
Extended consciousness
Survival of consciousness
Synchronicity and teleological effects
Experimenter effects and context-dependent outcomes
The role of information and meaning
Mind interacting with matter
Presentations at this conference should be oriented to not only describing edge science findings and how they violate conventional assumptions, but should also address the question of how these findings can lead to constructive principles of consilience, i.e., what these findings have in common with others and what they tell us about the features of a new paradigm. As always, submissions on new empirical evidence and anomalies are welcome, but they should also be linked to the consilience theme.

We invite you to submit abstracts on your research findings and how they contribute to a consilience in our understanding of how the world works.

The conference will include both invited and contributed talks, as well as poster presentations. The duration of presentations will be determined by the number and quality of submissions received, and some submissions may be selected for a poster session.

Written submissions should not exceed 400 words in length (including an abstract and author bio) and should be emailed to [email protected]. In addition to the abstract, you may optionally submit a high-quality video of no more than 3 minutes in duration. Videos should be submitted by e-mail via a YouTube, Google Drive, or other downloadable and web-accessible link. The videos of accepted submissions will be made available for viewing on the SSE conference website.Abstract submissions must include the following:

A short title that captures the premise of the presentation.
A brief narrative or abstract of the proposed presentation.
A brief bio of the author(s). For video submissions, this may be provided in text at the end of the clip.
Presenter's contact information must include name, affiliation (if appropriate), and email address. For videos this may be provided on the title slide.
If submitting a video please include a statement giving your permission to post it on the SSE web site.
The deadline for submissions is December 15, 2018.
On behalf of the program committee (Bill Bengston, Garret Moddel, Carsten Ohrmann, Michael Potts, and John Valentino) and our local hosts (Phil Catalano and Lois Miller), we look forward to seeing you at this exciting event!

Bill Bengston
President, SSE