About SSE Membership

The Society for Scientific Exploration provides a critical international forum for sharing original research on unconventional topics and furthering our understanding of human capabilities.

The society is fully donor and member-funded, with contributions providing for open access research through a peer-reviewed journal and SSE-hosted conferences where professional researchers and interested members of the public engage with one another to advance science.

Anyone can join the society by making an annual contribution, with the membership level dependent on level of contribution and academic status. All contributions are tax deductible.

Associate Membership

Our most popular membership category - open to anyone who supports the aims of the society. Associate members receive conference discounts and priority invitations to online events and activities that we are hosting.

Contribute  $85/year

Contribute & Subscribe  $145/year (SSE Membership + JSE Print Subscription)

Student Membership

Students are especially welcome to our society. Student members are invited to online hangouts, have special lunches and events at the conferences, and priority for poster session presentations. Please e-mail proof of enrollment in accredited educational institution to the SSE secretary after contributing to have your membership approved.

Contribute  $40/year

Contribute & Subscribe  $100/year (SSE Membership + JSE Print Subscription)

Full Membership

Full members are scientists and scholars with an established reputation in their field of study or long-standing members of the society who have made significant contributions to the advancement of anomalies research. Most Full Members have some or all of the following qualifications: (a) a doctoral degree or the equivalent; (b) an appointment at a university, college, or other research institution; and (c) a record of publication in the traditional scholarly literature. Full members may hold office in the SSE and vote in elections. Full members must be sponsored by another full member and approved by the society to join.
Please email the following items to the SSE Secretary for approval before you purchase your membership: 1) the name of a Full SSE Member willing to sponsor your application; 2) bibliography of your publications; 3) curriculum vitae.

Contribute  $125/year

Contribute & Subscribe  $185/year (SSE Membership + JSE Print Subscription)

Emeritus Membership

Emeritus Members are Full Members who have retired. Emeritus members receive all of the benefits of Full Membership but at a discounted minimum contribution rate. Requires society approval.

Contribute  $85/year

Contribute & Subscribe  $145/year (SSE Membership + JSE Print Subscription)

Library Subscription

Library Subscriptions bring the Journal of Scientific Exploration to your university library, company, or other institution. Library members receive printed copies of the journal with rights to lend and reuse within the library.

Subscribe  $225/year

Sustaining Member

Sustaining members provide the highest level of financial support to the society. Benefits include priority invitation to events, reserved seating at the annual SSE banquet, and printed copies of EdgeScience Magazine in addition to the Journal of Scientific Exploration.

Subscribe  $250/year