About Our Conferences

SSE Conferences are an opportunity to share and evaluate some of the most exciting and promising original research happening today. These events are highly interdisciplinary, with talks covering subjects ranging across consciousness research, progress in new energy technologies, discoveries bearing upon healing and medicine, and much more. The SSE holds annual conferences in North America, and biennial conferences in Europe. All conferences are open to the public.

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Share Your Work

The Call for Papers is issued six months before the conference. Chosen papers are delivered by the researcher.

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Discover the Latest

Conferences let you discover the latest research on a variety of topics, including work in pre-publication stages.

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Network with Scientists

Our conferences are designed to promote networking and collaboration among scientists and scholars.


The SSE assembles a Program Committee to organize the speakers for each conference. Invited talks are chosen by the committee, and contributed talks are chosen based on the Call for Papers. To give a contributed talk, you’ll need to wait for the Call for Papers, which is typically issued 6 months before the event. The Call for Papers is issued on the website and via our free email list (bottom of page). Full Members of the SSE are welcome to submit a paper on any topic they choose. Associate Members, Student Members, and the general public are welcome to submit a paper, but they must be sponsored by Full Member. Please contact our Secretary if you need help in finding a Full Member to sponsor you.


All SSE conferences are open to public attendance. Attendance is subject to registration fees, and SSE members enjoy reduced fees. Conferences are typically held in the summer over three days, and include the talks, an outing to a local area of interest, a banquet, and time for networking and private conversations. Conferences typically take place in a large hotel, where the Society has negotiated reduced room rates for attendees. Staying in the conference hotel is recommended but not required: it is up to attendees to reserve their own rooms.