Could Neutrinos be the Energy Supply of Prana & Chi?
Presented by: Debra Overberg

February 21, 2020 at Nissi's in Lafayette, Colorado
START TIME - 10:15 am - Doors open at 10 am - Lunch at Noon
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The “Juice of the Guru” is what Deb calls the good energy one feels in the presence of a guru or energy medicine healer. Mystically emanating from a still Conscious Source, a flow of energy radiates and becomes manifest physically. Changes occur, healing may happen, or peace ensues. We can learn to feel the energy and to move it ourselves.

The Vedic Theory of Involution and Evolution describes how Consciousness is layered in sheaths–from Primordial Consciousness of all Oneness through consciousness involuted into physical atomic matter. One of these layers is the Prana layer. Prana is considered subtle energy, life force, breathe of life. It creates and enlivens biological organisms – life. The prana layer is considered to be part of the biofield surrounding living organisms and to be conscious and intelligent.

Could this subtle prana, life energy, be supplied by a known subtle energy particle – the neutrino, known as the “Ghost Particle”? Does the prana layer consist of a field of neutrinos? This out-of-the-box idea would imply that neutrinos might be a basis which distinguishes life from non-life, as the Vedic wisdom teaches.

Neutrinos are a subtle energy, hard to detect and measure, and most importantly, they transport energy around the cosmos. Known neutrino information will be compared with biofield research on subtle energies, chi, and measured correlates such as biophotons and electromagnetic signals. Could neutrinos possibly be the energy supply in Prana and chi? It’s too soon to say, but it may be time to explore the ghost particle’s potential relationship with biological organisms.

Debra Overberg, BSEE, LMT has had neutrinos on her radar since a student at CU Boulder. As an Electrical Engineer in her former career at Hewlett-Packard, she is solidly grounded in EM field theory and RF and microwave test equipment in the aerospace and communications sectors. She helped launch HP’s entry into the high bandwidth photonics industry – to frequencies of light. She trained engineers in North America, Europe, the Mideast, and Africa on HP’s instruments.

Now she is training others to use one’s body as an instrument of consciousness, bringing energy to the biofield. As massage therapist and energy medicine practitioner, Deb has helped thousands of people to experience the “Juice of the Guru” to repair the physical body and aide rejuvenation. Her recent completion at Energy Medicine University brought in the needed pieces of biology, Vedic consciousness, and ancient healing practices. She studied with James Oschman, Dominique Surel, and Beverly Rubik, among others. The Masters of the Brotherhood of Light have nudged her research.

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