Student Members of the Society for Scientific Exploration are gathering on Zoom every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 2pm EST for learning and networking.

Our upcoming June 9th meeting will be hosted by SSE Student Member Thomas D. Abraham . He will be presenting on a remote viewing software application currently under development. Following from recent work by Erik Maddocks and Garret Moddel on machine mediated remote viewing MMRV (see:, the app utilizes a random event generator to create machine-generated images that can be statistically compared to targets. The app is initially geared towards laboratory research, however is intended to eventually serve as a public facing RV training tool for viewers.

Damon Abraham is finishing a PhD in psychology studying emotion regulation and mental representation. He also moonlights as a consciousness researcher designing and conducting psi-related experiments in areas such as remote viewing and mind-matter interaction (i.e., PK).

Zoom links are forwarded to student SSE members prior to each Aspiring Explorers event. If you are not yet a student SSE member and would like to participate, please join at