Student Members ("Aspiring Explorers") of the Society for Scientific Exploration gather on Zoom every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 2pm EDT for learning and networking. February's Aspiring Explorers Meeting will be a panel discussion featuring Sean McNamara, Rodrigro Montenegro, and Gabriel Sereni. Each panelist will discuss psi applications as it pertains to forecasting and prediction, personal development, as well and industry applications. Following the presentations will be an informal Q&A and opportunity to meet panelists. The discussion will be moderated by Aspiring Explorer Member, Damon Abraham.

Sean McNamara is a meditation teacher and consciousness explorer in the realm of telekinesis, OBEs, lucid dreaming and remote viewing. He is also interested in the UFO contact phenomenon. He has authored several books and produced a series of online courses for expanding consciousness and developing psychic abilities. Learn more at

Rodrigo Montenegro holds post-graduation diplomas in both Neuromodulation stimulation Medicine (PgCert.) and a MSc in Neuroscience which was studied under the supervision of Dr Peter Fenwick. He is currently pursuing a specialization in Sleep Medicine at the University of Oxford, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences. Montenegro’s research in non-ordinary states of sleep, such as OBEs, is today directed at developing a high-quality consumer grade EEG headband, first of its kind, to help people develop non-ordinary states of consciousness applying neuroscience insight. Website:

Gabriel Sereni is a speaker, entrepreneur and transpersonal life coach. For over fifteen years he has given lectures and workshops worldwide on topics related to personal development and human potential that intertwine psychology, spirituality, history and science. His lifelong experience of studying and applying numerous practices for personal and spiritual growth has led him to adopt an approach that is comprehensive, universal and pragmatic.

Damon Abraham is finishing a PhD at the University of Denver where he studies affective & cognitive psychology. His dissertation research concerns the self-regulation of emotion. He is currently developing a machine-mediated remote viewing application designed for both experimental & public-facing uses. Damon’s interests primarily center around consciousness, transformative technologies, AI & the intersections with psi. He has presented his research and theoretical work at several conferences including the SSE.

SSE Students: Register for this Zoom meeting by February 8th. Registrations will be manually approved before links are sent. If you are not yet a student SSE member, please join the SSE before registering at Zoom.