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Published: Dec.18.2019

For many years, members of the Society for Scientific Exploration have produced an increasing amount of evidence indicating that our existing mainstream understanding of reality might be outdated. We seem to be at the beginning of a next scientific revolution, leading to a significant paradigm shift within our society in the future.

What will that shift look like? What are the implications for our life, our business and our world? What role could and should the SSE play in that context?

Carsten addresses these topics from a global business leader’s perspective, investigating how a conversion of science and wisdom traditions would change our thinking, feeling and acting. There seems to be a positive business case for running a due diligence on our model of reality. The resulting benefits of such an endeavor – the return on invest – seems to justify an attempt to accelerate the pending transformation processes in science, business and society.

We should start to break down the silos within science and create an interdisciplinary consent about our future model of reality soon.

Bio: Carsten Ohrmann is a German mechanical engineer, a seasoned global business leader, a professional executive coach, and an accredited healing practitioner for psychotherapy. In his role as transformation advisor, he’s working with leading individuals and organizations worldwide. In his authentic, informative and thought-provoking key note speeches, seminars and coaching sessions, Carsten is building interdisciplinary bridges between the latest science, old wisdom traditions and current challenges in business and society. He’s questioning fundamental assumptions and provides new impulses for holistic solutions to tackle personal, business and global problems. He encourages his audience to change perspectives and to explore new routes.

Recorded at the Society for Scientific Exploration Conference in Broomfield, Colorado 2019.

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