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Volume 11, Number 2 (1997)

Research Articles


Guest Column

  • Curious, Creative and Critical Thinking - P. A. Sturrock

Letters to the Editor

  • Comments on Wishing for Good Weather & Reply - I. Woodhouse/R. Nelson
  • On the Wood Book Review of Top Secret/Magic Comments and Replies - J. Vallee/R. Wood, K. Randle/S. Friedman
  • Fortean Phenomena on Film? & Reply - A. Imich/J. Houran&R. Lunge
  • Answer to: Can Animals Understand Human Speech?' - Remy Chauvin

Book Reviews

  • Darwin's Dangerous Idea: Evolution and the Meanings of Life by Daniel C. Dennett - Carl Hester
  • Review of 3 Books on the Bell Curve - Paul Alper
  • Leaps of Faith by Nicholas Humphrey - Paul Alped, Henry Bauer
  • Leaps of Faith by Nicholas Humphrey - Ian Stevenson
  • Review of 8 Books on Prostrate Cancer - Paul Alper
  • Expedientes Insolitos by Vincente J. Ballester Olmos - Richard Haines