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  • Editorial
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    Letters to the Editor

    • Aspirin Study Flawed - Joel M. Kaufman
    • Mitogenetic Radiation - Milton Wainwright
    • Coronary Heart Disease - Christopher J. Leet
    • Reply to Christopher J. Leet - Joel M. Kaufman
    • Hieronymus Machine - George Sassoun
    • Reply to Dr. Sassoon - Dr. Vasilescu
    • Comment from Editor-in-Chief - Henry H. Bauer
    • Unexplained Weight Gain at the Moment of Death - Frank G. Pollard
    • Reply to Frank Pollard - Lew Hollander
    • Speransky's Effect - Savely Savva
    • Reply to Savely Savva - Claudio Cardella
    • A Significant Typo and a Corresponding Object Lesson - James Houran, Kevin D. Randle


    • Grover S. Krantz (193 1-2002) - Loren Coleman

    Editorial Essay

    Editorial Essay

    • What's an Editor to Do? - Henry H. Bauer

    Book Reviews

    • Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation - Robert Almeder
    • On Science - Henry H. Bauer
    • The End of Time - Karl Gustafson
    • Jean-Pierre Vigier and the Stochastic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics - David Pratt
    • Hauntings and Poltergeists: Multidisciplinary Perspectives - Richard S. Broughton
    • The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits - James Houran
    • The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts: A Riveting Investigation into Channeling and Spirit Guides and Freeing the Captives: The Emerging Therapy of Treating Spirit Attachment - Brenda Denzler
    • Swamp Gas Times: My Two Decades on the UFO Beat - Leslie Kean
    • Articles of Interest

    Website Review

    • Alternative Medicine: Watching the Watchdogs at Quackwatch - Joel M. KaufSman