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  • Editorial
  • Column

    • Inference and Scientific Exploration - York Dobyns, Mike1 Aickin

    Research Articles



    • Robert L. Morris (1942-2004) - Roger D. Nelson

    In Memoriam

    • Eugene F. Mallove 1947-2004
    • John Edward Mack 1929-2004
    • Jacques Benveniste 1935-2004

    Letters to the Editor

    • UFO Identified as Floodlight/Boom - Gerry Zeitlin
    • Author's Response to Gerry Zeitlin - Hiroshi Nakamura

    Book Reviews

    • Lonely Planets: The Natural Philosophy of Alien Life - John E. Mack
    • Lonely Planets: The Natural Philosophy of Alien Life - Steven J. Dick
    • Harmless Naturalism: The Limits of Science and the Nature of Philosophy - James H. Fetzer
    • Upright: The Evolutionary Key to Becoming Human/Lowly Origins: When, Where and Why Our Ancestors First Stood Up - Jeff Meldrum
    • Raincoast Sasquatch - Gordon Strasenburgh
    • The Making of Bigfoot: The Inside Story - Karl T. Pjock
    • Des Savants face B l'occulte 1870-1940 - Jacques I? Vallee
    • Unleashed: Of Poltegeists and Murder: The Curious Story of Tina Resch - Annalisa Ventola