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Volume 7, Number 4 (1993)

Research and Review Articles

Invited Essay



  • Anomalous Propagation - Topher Cooper
  • The Skeptical Perspective - Michael Epstein
  • Guest Column: Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomena Observed by an Astronomer - F: Noel
  • Letters to the Editor

    • On Biological Transmutation of Elements - Michel Bounias
    • Comments on Michel Bounias' Letter to the Editor - Michael Epstein
    • Comments on Suitbert Ertel's Puzzling Eminence Might Make Good Sense - Henry H. Bauer

    Book Reviews

    • The Burt Affair by R. B. Johnson and Science, Ideology and the Media: The Cyril Burt Scandal by R. Fletcher - Paul Alper
    • The Left-Hander Syndrome; The Causes and Consequences of Left-Handedness by Stanley Coren - Paul Alper
    • Luna: Myth & Mystery by Kathleen Cain - Albert E. Moyer
    • Cross Currents by Robert 0. Becker - James Warwick

    Abstracts of 12th Annual SSE Meeting

    SSE News Items