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Volume 8, Number 3 (1994)


  • Anomalous Propagation - Topher Cooper
  • The Skeptical Perspective - Michael Epstein
  • Response to Ballester-Olmos - Jacques Vallee, David Jacobs

Book Reviews

  • Anomalous Experiences & Trauma: Current Theoretical, Research and Clinical Perspectives edited by Rima E. Laibow et al. - James W. Deardoiff
  • The Case for Astrology by John Anthony West - Hilary Evans
  • Parapsychology: A Concise History by John Beloff - John Palmer
  • Science Frontiers: Some Anomalies and Curiosities of Nature by William R. Corliss - Henry H. Bauer
  • Immortality edited by Paul Edwards - Ian Stevenson
  • The Blue Sense: Psychic Detectives and Crime by Arthur Lyons and Marcello Truzzi - Angela Thompson
  • Many Lives, Many Masters & Through Time Into Healing by Brian L. Weiss - Angela Thompson

Abstracts of 13th Annual SSE Meeting

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