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Volume 9, Number 4 (1995)

Research Articles


Anomaly Notes - Topher Cooper

Guest Column

  • Cold Fusion: A Challenge to Modern Science? - Edmund Storms

Letters to the Editor

  • Further Comments onp-Values and Chance
  • Reply to Jefferys - York H. Dobyns
  • Comment on Swords' Could ET's Be Expected to Breathe Our Air? - Helmut Lammer

Book Reviews

  • The Bell Curve Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life by R. J. Herrnstein and C. Murray - Paul Alper
  • Guidelines for Testing Psychic Claimants by Richard i Wiseman and Robert L. Morris - Jannine M. Rebman
  • The Astonishing Hypothesis: The Scientific Search for the Soul by Francis Crick - John Beloff
  • Consciousness Explained by Daniel C. Dennett - John Beloff


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