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Published: May.30.2015

Firsthand Evidence for Interspecies Consciousness Communication
John B. Alexander

This presentation explores apparent communication between experimenters and
large sea mammals in their natural environment. One set of experiments was
conducted with pods of bottlenose dolphins in the open waters of the Bahama
Islands. Contact included both the sending of telepathic instructions and the corresponding
responses by the dolphins. The results of the above-surface experiments
tend to indicate that the dolphins received a telepathic transmission and
agreed to cooperate. In addition there was engagement while swimming with the
dolphins at ranges of a few feet to inches with significant interspecies awareness.

The results of the experience mentioned in my 2014 presentation, swimming
with humpback whales, will be included. That experiment took place in the
Pacific Ocean near Vava’u in the Kingdom of Tonga. The open ocean dives included
engagement with the whales at ranges that varied from hundreds of feet
to a few inches. The findings are contrary to widely held beliefs about the danger
of being in close proximity and are suggestive that the whales had extraordinary
awareness of our presence and on occasion chose interaction. The presentation
will include amazing firsthand video of engagement at ranges just inches from
our party.

John B. Alexander, Ph.D., has been a full member of the SSE for more than
three decades; served as a council member for three terms; and hosted two annual
conferences. He is a former president of the International Association for
Near-Death Studies (IANDS) and founding board member of the International
Remote Viewer’s Association (IRVA). Dr. Alexander was a colonel with Special
Forces combat experience in Southeast Asia and an extensive R&D background
when he retired from the U.S. Army. Later he continued scientific research at
Los Alamos National Laboratory, a campus of the University of California. After
retiring again he served as an advisor to the Minister of Defense in Afghanistan
(2003) and then as a senior fellow at a DoD university addressing national and
international security issues. Dr. Alexander has written several books and many
papers on both national security matters and various phenomena.