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Published: May.29.2015

Healing, Biophotons, and PK at the Rhine Research Center
John G. Kruth
Rhine Research Center

The Rhine Research Center has been known for decades for laboratory research on ESP. In the past few years, the Rhine has been fostering a community of energy healers, examining the effects of biophotons, and studying some special PK practitioners. Is healing the result of biophotons? Are healers able to demonstrate PK? How are healing, PK, and biophotons related? There are many ideas and theories about healing and PK, and the Rhine lab is examining these relationships using controlled studies.

The Executive Director of the Rhine, John G. Kruth, will discuss the current re- search projects at the Rhine and talk about the relationship between healing, PK, and biophotons.

John G. Kruth is the Executive Director of the Rhine Research Center and the Education Director and Founder of the Rhine Education Center. He has studied parapsychology and psi informally for over 35 years, and has been a member of the Rhine Research Team since 2009. His research interests include methods of healing, intentional and unintentional PK, the effects of psi on the body and the environment, and the use of qualitative analysis methods to better understand the experience of people who have psi experiences.