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Published: May.28.2015

The Science of BioGeometry
Jerry Gin
Institute for the Advancement of Science and Consciousness (I-ASC) www.i-asc.org

In a world where we are continuously impacted by the environment, often in negative ways, it would be ideal to be able to neutralize those negative energies to reduce their effects on us. One such source is harmful radiation from electromagnetic fields (EMF) all around us. Then there are the toxins in the air and water, pesticides and antibiotics in foods, and the microbes in the air and the environment. All of the negative components of the environment have the potential to cause a wide spectrum of diseases. BioGeometry is a science which offers a possible solution.

Dr. Ibrahim Karim, founder of BioGeometry, built upon the work of French radiesthesia scientists and found the energies which contribute to health in biological beings. He defines BioGeometry as “the science of establishing harmony between biological fields and their environment, through the use of design, language of color, form, motion and sound.” We are all receptors of the “quality of physics” from an energetic perspective — we see electromagnetic radiation in the range of 400 to 700 nanometers and call this color; we hear compression of air waves and call this sound; we feel with our skin via sensors that transmit signals to our brain; the same can be said of all of our primary senses. Sound and color and all energies are related through resonance. Dr. Karim discovered that harmonics of three energies, called BG3, were beneficial to health of humans, animals, and plants. He discovered ways to create these energies and studied the beneficial effects of the energies on diseases such as hepatitis, reversing EMF sensitivity, growing plants without pesticides, and raising chickens without use of antibiotics. This talk gives an introduction to BioGeometry and the studies that have been conducted.

Jerry Gin is Chairman of I-ASC (Institute for the Advancement of Science and Consciousness), the home of FMBR. He is founder and President of Nuvora, Inc., a company with products and technology for sustained delivery of ingredients in the oral environment (Salese for dry mouth and Dentiva for oral health). He is also founder and Chairman of Livionex, a company with a new technology to treat inflammation and remove biofilms (Livionex Dental Gel). His previous companies include being founder and President of Oculex Pharmaceuticals (drug delivery for the eye) and ChemTrak (home cholesterol test). He has been in corporate positions at Dow Chemical and Syntex Pharmaceuticals. His PhD in Biochemistry is from UC Berkeley, MBA from Loyola College, and BS in Chemistry from U of Arizona.