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Volume 14, Number 4 (2000)

  • Editorial

Research Articles

Letters to the Editor

  • A Further Note on Walach and Schmidt's Empirical Evidence for a Non-Classical Experimenter Effect - Joop M. Houtkoopel, Dieter Vaitl, Ulrich Timm
  • Reply to A Further Note on Walach and Schmidt's 'Empirical Evidence for a Non-Classical Experimenter Effect' - Stefan Schmidt, Harald Walach
  • Response to Valentich Disappearance: New Evidence and a New Conclusion, by Richard F. Haines and Paul Norman - Philip J. Klass
  • Authors' reply to Philip Klass - Richard F. Haines, Paul Norman

Book Reviews

  • Mysterious Flame: Conscious Minds in a Material World by Colin McGinn - Michael Levin
  • Dancing Naked in the Mind Field by Kary Mullis - Henry H. Bauer
  • Consciousness by D. Rakovic and D. Koruga - J. O'M. Bockris
  • Searching for Eternity: A Scientist's Spiritual Journey to Overcome Death Anxiety by Don Morse - Alexander Imich
  • Gardner's Whys & Wherefores by Martin Gardner - Robert L. Raymond
  • Paranormal Experience and Survival of Death (Suny Series in Western Esoteric Traditions) by Carl B. Becker - John Beloff
  • Scientific Development and Misconceptions through the Ages, A Reference Guide by Robert E. Krebs - Robert F. Creegan

SSE News Item

  • Twentieth Annual SSE Meeting Announcement and Registration Form

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