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Volume 7, Number 3 (1993)

Research and Review Articles

Invited Essay


  • Anomalous Propagation - Topher Cooper
  • The Skeptical Perspective - Michael Epstein
  • Guest Column: The Comite PARA-European Skeptics Committee - J. Dommanget

Letters to the Editor

  • Ukraine Research Institute on Anomalous Phenomena - V. V. Rubtsov
  • Comments on Guide to UFO Research - Jacques Valle'e

Book Reviews

  • Beyond Natural Selection by Robert Wesson - Ian Stevenson
  • Forbidden Science by Jacques VallCe (1) - Peter Sturrock
  • Forbidden Science by Jacques VallCe (2) - Keith Thompson
  • Roads to Center Place: A Cultural Atlas of Chaco Canyon and the Anasazi by Kathryn Gabriel - Hilary Evans

SSE News Items